Hamda Al Fahim
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    Gardens of Babylon


    This is what I imagine the queen of the Gardens of Babylon would wear to lead her people. This gown is a true symbol of expertise in craftsmanship. This is a piece of extreme grace, that possesses a clean and sophisticated silhouette. The fabric of the skirt is entirely embellished by horizontal rows of threads of beads. Each thread is made by hand and then stitched next to the others to compose each row. The rows change their gradient in a vertical and harmonious way. The tones fade from purple to pink, then subtly transform to yellows, golds and finally silver. The modern straight-cut bodice is entirely enriched with intricate embroidery that alternates in a clash of rhomboid geometrical pattern and flower motifs. The Coqui feathered sleeves contrast the clean cut to add a twist for that extra drama.

    CATEGORY: Couture