Hamda Al Fahim
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    The most beautiful sunsets are those seen in the meadows overlooking the ocean. The color gradience of this dress is key for it expresses the color fusions and unexpected combinations the sky paints us during the most inspiring times. Cut into a polished and slightly tapered simple silhouette, the blush peach silk is entirely embellished with delicate seed beads, glass beads, sequins, crystals, fine stones, and metals in a linear pattern. The bodice is reinforced using boning that goes on the bust to reach the edge of a slightly curved modern neckline. The design doesn’t end here, more poise is added through two panels of fully embedded Ostrich feathers. Attached one by one with such precision, a color gradient is created from the soft peach to the mellow pinks and all the way to the hazy blues. The feathers moving lightly in the air, while its skies gradually becoming saturated with blue and pink tones.

    CATEGORY: Couture