Hamda Al Fahim
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    A true ball gown in its purest form, this opulent masterpiece was created using over 200 yards of fine black tulle, which then took on a new life in the form of tulle plissé. Cut into hundreds of little black circular panels, each piece is hand-sewn to resemble a 3D flower motif, and then carefully sewn onto the gown to create an entire skirt of ruffled black texture. To oppose the dramatic volume in the skirt, the bodice is immaculately pleated into a plunge neckline that hugs and defines the body tightly. While the left shoulder is kept bare, the right side is embellished with hand-crafted flower motifs made from black tulle, sparkling diamonds, crystals and shimmering beads, continuing a flow over the shoulder and to the back of the pleated bodice. Giving it a modern edge, the back is cut as an understated couture- version of the racerback, for that 'almost bare' allure.

    CATEGORY: Couture